44. Fanfare for a New Age, 6.06

Fanfare for a New Age (composed October 2013) is an orchestral and choral large-scale work, minimalist in its roots and fiery to its core, it is an effectively gripping, well-made piece that is powerful, accessible and eclectic. Speaking in Latin texts, the choir intones words of heroism and strength in forceful repetitive tones. That pulse gives this remarkably successful piece a musical narrative to match the swifty unfolding fanfare in the orchestra. Harmonically and conservatively tonal, it infuses a fresh, vigorous approach to the fanfare idea. There is much exciting (and difficult) idiomatic figures for singers to relish to terrific, high dramatic intent in its performance.

It is a compelling, very strong, ear-catching work that is modernist in its style yet not derivative or trite, offering a simultaneous broad distinctively American epic and an intimate personal melodra to the music that works on every level. It is a powerhouse, thrilling work that provides passionate punch that is inescapable and intensely paced.