43. Three Women in Yellow – 3 mov’ts, 7.50

Three Women in Yellow (3 movements) (composed July 2013) is a popularly performed piano work, French in its influences and cinematic in its orientation, separated into three contrasting and effervescent movements. 

The idiom is lively and delicate. Full of sumptuous harmonic control and alluring in its dissimilar textures and modes of expression, this tonally rooted piece is not at all neo-Romantic, but serves as starkly written and poignantly tender evocation of the broad expanse of elegant melodic lines and reflective and witty moods that are the spirit of the diversely dynamic and lucid treatments on a new strain of lyrical writing that is surely handled and effusively inspired.

The framework is surely impressionistic-influenced style lies in its sense of repose as much as it conveys a sense of striving. The tapestry is thinly veiled, very airy, seemingly light, with a wonderfully magical and wonderful adagio-searing, truly dramatic at its core emotional work that is eloquent and economical – an elusive, beautiful music that is sophisticated and evolves totally naturally and unpretentiously.  

The movements (in order) are:
1. Pomposo
2. Adagio con doloroso
3. Delicato e elegante

for Piano Solo