42. In the Direction of Extraordinary Noise, 7.15

In the Direction of Extraordinary Noise (composed July 2013) is a moving and attractive work for SATB Choir and orchestra. It is an almost wordless portrait of moving and intimate moments. Spiritual to its core, it is blessed with fine instrumental coloring that never swamps the choir, but supports it from its free, rubato beginnings to its gripping climaxes. It is infused with broad lyricism which allows the chorus to have ample room to do what it does best: to sing seemingly without drawing breath in great swaths of moving and tender moments of heart-stopping affection.

Its style fuses long-limbed melodic arches over a sweeping, melancholic lines that contain wrenching power and beauty. It is a soft score, more tonal in its idiom that its predecessors, and almost elegiac. Conservatively styled, eminently singable with an elegance and sophistication, yet employing hard edges when they are needed. It is a captivating score with great piquant instrumental color, harmonic lushness and eagerness to communicate, confident in bringing out an emotional depth from full of tears but never dirge-like.  Its seductive mood is disquieting. It is unerringly illuminating in a language of unabashedly Romantic tones that float over broad fields of aching, nostalgic American angularity with a true, uninhibited passion. It is at home in its operatic tendencies, deriving its force not only from emotion but also from the strength of its writing – at home in its deepest feelings.