41. Duris, 10.24

Duris (composed May 2014) is a purely post-minimalist orchestral work in minor that offers a freely contrasting overlay of melodic lines above rippling undercurrents of charging, propulsive motion. It derives its force not only from the chugging rhythms but also from the strength of its harmonic control, finding its home in its deepest, dark feelings.

The dark, low tones of the piece ominously forges a powerful, supple tonal language of interweaving modalities and vast connective tissues of rhythms that offer brilliant dissonances, tender melodies and abruptly shifting rhythms in its rampant, sensational piece of dramatic, satisfying tension and lively energy. It is a crackling, elevated expression of chilling rhythmic motifs that are fractured, busy, unsettling and engrossing in accessible, exquisitely-crafted gripping tension.