40. The Raven, 2.22

The Raven (composed October 2013) is a popular, quickly fleeting seemingly continuous strand of disparate and connective scalular fragments and highly technical, circuitously florid streams of notes that fly across the full-extent of the piano’s register like a black raven in the badlands of the dry desert land. The idea for the piece was written to fulfill the desire to create something in conjunction with the macabre and Halloween.  Because The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe has been frequently set to music for orchestra and singer/narrator, the idea for a short piano solo that was advanced and impressive felt appropriately suitable.  

Dazzlingly dexterous versatility and classically-inspired left hand descending motion are employed to create a quickly progressing set of varying trills, tremolos, special effects and gossamer arpeggios that are all set loose in from a caldron of both fury and softly veiled, low chords. Scored with special care to the quicksilver right hand motion to showcase the pianist in Encores or as a kind of Prelude, this bubbling, dark instrumental tone poem to the occult is thoughtfully crafted and carefully prepared to allow maximum clarity in an indistinctly tonal, blurry atmosphere with special attention to overarching large-scale structures and contrastingly small, subtle sublayers of intricately detailed design and patterns of ornate, elaborate filigree and impressionistically muddied, bleak shades of darkness.

for Piano Solo