40. Musica Vecchia, 5 mov’ts, 11.42

Musica Vecchia (5 movements) (composed June 2013) is a five-movement work in the (“Old Italian Music” style, literally translated) for Piccola Orchestra (small orchestra). Inspired by the classical music arrangements by the Italian composers, these five movements use different forms borrow from the style to create original music that strives to be as authentic.

While not specially programmatic, it evokes the pleasing sense of nostalgia of the Baroque style with Harpsichord and Harp in a nod to the past. Its themes are evolved and elaborated and reappear, regenerate into the ongoing polyphony that small orchestras do best. These dance styles are joyful, buoyant and contrapuntally rich – it is engrossing music that is tonal and accessible, with musical changes that show off its principal characters with natural comfort and ease. Glittering and attractive it is redolent of its antecedents yet no less cleverly spun.

The five movements (in order) are:

1. Bergamesca
2. Canzone
3. Ricercar
4. Allemande
5. Fugue