4. Viola Concerto, 3 mov’ts, 18.16

Viola Concerto (3 movements) (composed October 2013) is an orchestral work for solo Viola in three separate movements. The series of movements flows so directed that, while a cross-section through any point of the opening measures may reveal a common thread, one hears a web of lines and timbres instead of chord progressions and declarative themes.

The motives that are built upon are weaved and integrated into highly dense patterns and textures that reveal a smooth scoring with underlying rhythmic motion and complexity that pulls the motion forward. Voices overlap atop one another; coincidence and crossing of lines lend color and emphasis on dense sections and unions but is carefully worked to not become over dnse or lumpy. 

While its influences are hard to reference, Varèse timbres and Carter’s feeling for inner rhythmic vitality are certainly inflected in its organic, re-generating energy that spins itself into motors that each have distinctive clarity and original harmonies arrived at by intuition in an individual, refreshing playfulness and unschematic fashion.