4. Six Canaries – 6 mov’ts, 6.23

Six Canaries (6 mov’ts) (composed March 2013) is a solo piano composition written in six separate and brief movements, each movement lasting less than one minute in duration.  The six subtitles reference a different variety of canary (or “song bird”) although each miniature is not meant to purely replicate or imitate the bird-song or native sounds of each specie of the common bird.  Instead, this piece cohesively relies on using that idea as a springboard for creating an entirely imaginative new set of pianistically idiomatic and yet ‘orchestrally’ based sound world loosely based on that alluringly cacophonic and aleatoric music in this fixed notational composition.  

The six movements based on the varieties of canary birds are (in order) subtitled:

1. Norwich 
2. Black-headed 
3. Parisian-frilled 
4. Stafford
5. Crested
6. Yorkshire

The idea for this piece came during the attendance of a dramatic theater play which featured the word ‘Canary’ in its title, although it used it as a metaphor for it’s own troubled and dramatic story.  Sometime shortly after the idea of using the word canary but in reference to the many varieties of the bird loosely associated to bird-song’s musical characteristics, not that unlike that of Meissen, seemed exciting; however, these pieces strived to be more orchestral and full, even though they were written specifically for the solo piano.  

for Piano Solo