39. Boardriders (2 pianos), 12.15

Boardriders (composed Aug. 2012) is a post-minimalist work for duo pianos that alternately toss their roles of creating a sense of forward motion and conversely express singing, melodic lines above continually shifting harmonic figurations in the accompaniment.  Both instruments float between waves of cross-rhythms propelled by quickly pulsating figures of controlled movement in the piece’s gentle rumblings through contrasting dynamics and tessitura. Long melodic lines buoyantly hover over the piece’s hierarchical structures using unsteady and uneven progressions and sudden tidal surges of modulating tonal centers, all of which converge together to create an endlessly voyaging vessel that flows and hiccups as it encounters rolling sweeps of continuously cycling arpeggios of motion and streams of rippling, watery effects that accelerate and backstroke a-synchronistically.

for Piano Solo