37. Something of How They Get the Way They Are, 3.36

Something of How They Get the Way They Are (comp. March 2011) is a popular delicate piano solo featuring an innocence that is exhibited through a series of slowly progressive chords in 3/4 in the sentimental vein of a restrained classical piano ‘concerto’ style.  While the majority of the piece is memorably tuneful, the structure of the piece is echoed and repeated, oftentimes breaking into fragments of material that later forms the basis of recycled material in different registers.  Much like a quiet hymn, this piece is disarmingly charming and flowingly austere in its sincerity. By further constructing introductory and bridging material of open and unstable fifths and octaves, a simple and recognizable melody emerges complete and satisfyingly beautiful, tranquil and gossamer like a softly played instrumental prayer.  

for Piano Solo