37. Pinnacle, 4.07

Pinnacle (composed April 2013) is a vividly engrossing full orchestra work. Picturesque and richly textured, it is a post-minimalist piece with satisfying and pleasing roots in tonality with inflections and timings that are integral to the fresh and imaginative responsive music. The orchestra pulses with energy and lively emotionally charge music with great whirls and swoops in sound to great pictorial effect – creating big and bold gestures ultimately choreographed to instill and underscore much of this evocative and highly shimmering textured piece. It is a work infused with just the right tone of wonder and awe that we feel in highly accessible music that beams with life and poetic, animated rhythmic moods. It is a musical score that is extremely graphic. Well-orchestrated and showing great dramatic flair, it is fluently wrought and cleverly tender and whimsical.