34. Hotel Night Sky, 5.21

Hotel Night Sky (comp. January 2013) is a piano solo webbing a gently wandering series of timeless melodies through a beguiling stark harmonic background.  This piece handsomely encapsulates the meandering and listless feeling of an austere, tender night — star gazing into the open void of an airy night sky.  Somewhat reminiscent of many traditional Americana composers, the work is subtler and more complex, tightly woven and technically and emotionally peaceful, flowing end to end in a wash of pastel colors of Db and through the entire range of the keyboard.  

This is a sublimely tranquil work — a hazy, hushed tone poem whose hints at tantalizing modality tug at the heartstrings. The title suggests the tenor of the work: gentleness and mesmerizing nostalgia. Attractive in its unabashed lushness, skill in its writing and artful in its cinematic orientations, the piece is a wayfarer’s contemplative mood giving the score a timbral richness and textured deftness to the widely separated melodies representing the high sky and earth and a poignant moment that reflects on the living.  

for Piano Solo