34. Holy War in the Heavens, 14.13

Holy War in the Heavens (composed November 2013) is a large-scale orchestral work, designed to be a study in extremely delicate and soft textures and dynamics. Depicting an invisible war in the heavenlies from which unseen angels and demonic forces wage war immediately is strikingly evocative and gossamer, thinly veiled, hushed tones that ripple through the air through a sea of orchestral effects is the cornerstone of the work.

Using irrepressible energy and a cosmopolitan eclecticism, one can discern fleeting snatches of armor, swords and swishes of sound that iridescently eminent from the orchestra. Hardly whisperingly heard above a heartbeat, an undercurrent of bubbling, biblically textured sounds is only faintly heard – as if from thousands of miles away. 

Making use of colorful use of the full orchestra, every tone from the instrumental ensemble is a special effect – completely removing any normal manner of playing and revealing a supernatural core in this forceful and virtuosic writing for contrasted stark dissonances with cool, aquatic ripples of sound. The individuality is strikingly spelndid and a vivid musical portrait of the Heavens remain beneath a vigourous serenade of oddly scrapping, tapping and blowing in the orchestral forces.