33. Pavane, 4.42

Pavane (composed May 2007) is an introspective piano solo that has been orchestrated for small orchestra by request. It is predominantly centered in the key of B minor. A sorrowful, melancholic descending melody slowly emerges soaring high in the right hand above the left. As the melody melts and unwinds in a mournful, painfully disparaging character, the static bass line also offers a steady stream of descending sustained tones that offer a turning away from twentieth century biting dissonances and a return to a much and overtly simpler style. Much of the piece is emotionally restrained and uses a series of open and perfect intervals to add an unstable and stark mood, including the introduction and extended coda.

Written as a work for a program for children in a concert in New York City, it was originally titled a “Elegy: for Children”. Several members at the Manhattan School of Music expressed their admiration for the piece and it was orchestrated soon after. The piece was later conceived to end in a major key which added an energetic and optimistic quality, but was changed back to its original minor ending when a later concert made it more successful when other colleagues preferred the original ending.