33. Honey of the Riches (Piano Concertina), 3 mov’ts, 10.47

Honey of the Riches (3 movements) (composed September 2013) is a grand three-movement piano concertina with full orchestra. Its profound level of music-making is profound and exciting. It features the piano in a beguiling array of special effects and emotionally charged music that show a masterful combination of tonality and impression, marked with a great deal to say – and saying it eloquently and economically.

Writing with an extraordinary amount of detail that reflect the eloquence and elusive beauty of the piano’s tone. The music, though sophisticated, evolves totally naturally and unpretentiously. Its haunting mood charges the listener with shades of fleeting feelings and memories of vivid glimpses into an extravagantly – even luxuriantly – orchestrated piece that injects lively, exotic lyricisms and broad melodies through a range of musical discussions that break out to further levels of musical space and energy. It offers a vigourous serenade to the piano in a rhapsodic mini-concerto for piano and orchestra. Frequently citing forceful and virtuosic writing for piano contrasted with stark dissonances and cool, aquatic ripples of sound, it is a vivid musical portrait of unexpected and effective delicate, impressionistic, exuberance.