32. The Teahouse Vanities, 3.49

The Teahouse Vanities (composed February 2014) is solo piano, expressive and cinematic in its orientation, reaching full development from its disarmingly innocent, chromatically-pun thematic motifs. Its chief value lies in its fervent, rich source of inspiration. Full employing the full extent of the instrument’s range, the piece’s modest beginning quickly state deeply serious sentiment, cerebral and familiar, but certainly quiet emotion in its quicksilver appeal.

A definitive pulsing beat is felt and evident from its introduction and intermittently repeating constructive musical materials, adding enough syncopation and chromatically dexterous flexibility to sustain a high level of rhythmic durability and satisfying affability. Another principle feature of the work lies in its contrasting musical tapestry and alluring textures that are dazzlingly, austere and hauntingly tender. 

for Piano Solo