32. Combinations of the thumb and forefinger, 6.49

Combinations of the thumb and forefinger (composed December 2013) is a chamber work of unusually high technical demands. Inspired by an art installation at the Modern Museum of Art in Los Angeles in which combinations of the thumb and forefinger were projected onto walks and displayed patterns of communication in different languages, trends and interrelated patterns, this piece also moves through serious and sumptuous textures of loosely formed harmonic material that is ever-shifting in a troubled lyricism and eclectic in its fluidity of asymmetrical melodic phrases.

Its language is relatively free of tonal references and sparse in its tendency toward quietly relentless forward movement. Pulse is maintained through rollicking gestures and intermittently is thrown off course by subtle changes of meter and phrase length. Scored for Pierrot ensemble, the orchestration is thoughtfully prepared and carefully balanced to allow for maximum clarity and attention to highlighted, dexterous instrumental lines.