31. Of Leaves, 9.42

Of Leaves (composed November 2013) is a chamber work that is colorful in its combinations of orchestration and economic in its whispers of tonality and atonality elusive beauty. Quickly changing textures – like leaves on a tree – evoke a sophisticated, reflective spare eloquence that naturally and totally belies its unpretentiousness. It is an extraordinary work broad in its wide-ranging levels of musical space and concerned with dynamic extremes – it is a deeply engrossing work.

Its bright airiness is crafted by stretches of quiet, alluring rustlings yearning for chromatic progression.Somewhat analogous to symphonic models, it spans through limpid pools of unclear harmonies fitted together and magnified inside out. The subtlety and complexity of this work is wrought with immense orchestrational talent and rewards the players with unique showcasing passagework of fast trills, rapid arpeggios and technical indeterminacy that is dazzling to behold; it is of a splendid and unusually high quality.