30. Stars, 4.01

Stars (comp. April 2012) is a remarkable piece for solo piano.  The opening music flutters with tinges of octave inflections in the right hand that gradually become narrower in its intervals until such time that a wistfully chromatic melody emerges using discordant and unstable broken chords in the left hand that offer indistinguishable harmonies that push the tonally unstable movement forward but are yet unsupported in its register and contrapuntal effectiveness.  Throughout the work, there is a lack of key signature.  

The rising and falling interval of the octave and major seventh play a key role in creating sharp dissonances, thus spinning the musical material within itself and yet making the work all the more uncertain in its tonal ambiguity. The greater part of the music is dominated by grinding dissonances and frequent melodic modulations textured in a sparse and starkly contrasting way than can be found in other compositions but in doing so further increasing the arrant despair of the work.  

for Piano Solo