3. House on 16th St., 3.52

House on 16th St. (composed Oct. 2011) was one of the first pieces composed specifically for solo piano in nine years and the ease with which it was written sparked the movement to create this whole series of solo piano works.  As the title suggests, the House on 16th Place was of particular significance being not only where this piece and the next twenty solo piano pieces were composed, but also where I lived at the time that compositional influences, techniques and intuition first began to feel assured and natural.

This subtly rhythmic piece makes use of reiterated musical intervals and repeated notes that mark as the mood and color progresses but retains a simple theme heard several times throughout.  The simple triadic chords and plainspoken directness of lines are enlivened by altered scale degrees and modal inflections that further shade the Puritan-like quality of the piece.  It’s limited range suggests a hymn-like, Southern affability in which clear chordal structures and forthright statements dominates the sonic landscape while a reoccurring theme acts as guideposts that unities the work under one connective and contained roof.

for Solo Piano