29. The Warhol Economy, 8.42

The Warhol Economy (composed July 2013) is an orchestral work utterly postmodern in its style. Artfully integrated from its opening, its fraught with harmonies pulling and tugging at one another, setting a seductive but disquieting mood. The jittery, chugging minimalism is searingly extroverted in a scolding, impressive work of harsh, dense vivacity unabashedly pushing forward.

Over broad fields of tonal harmony that echo works no less redolent in its antecedents that suggest American idioms, a modernist dissonance and rhythmic angularity are represented with a simplified language that ensures registeral clarity and supportive gestures that bless the music with unerring illumination and emotional depth. It possess passion in its contemporary qualities, totally free of the modern self-consciousness that inhibit giving our emotions full rein.

It is deeply felt music with highly charged power, felt in its strength of writing. It forges a unified production of sharp disonances and abrupt rhuthms that evocke a dramatic and distinctively American voice, bittersweet with erotic tension, unapologietic fortitude and impassioned immediacy that serves as the eminently backdrop of stark, brooding gestures and chilling, unsettlingly rage.