29. E. Bell Ave. (2 pianos), 3.31

E. Bell Ave. (composed February 2012) is a four-hand piano solo that features an introverted and restrained lyrical melody that recurs in a standard ternary form.  Much of the music of the duet relates to the simple and direct music that was written in a sketchbook during a residency from the summer of 2000.  It is certainly striking that it was not used sooner, but the upper register of the piano combined with the Secondo part kept overlapping causing minor headaches that kept the piece from being finally completed.  

The Andante molto sostenuto is the marking for the piece which opens in a hesitant and uncertain mood that ultimately prevails in a progressively more elaborate statement of the opening theme and a nostalgic lyrical episode forms the basis of the second Bridge material.  The final statement of the theme in the Primo is later heard in combination with Secondo echoing material in its register in a varied and essentially rather thoughtful alternation between both pianists. 

for Piano Solo