26. The Ostrich Farm, 9.20

The Ostrich Farm (composed April 2014) is a fantastically amusing frenzy of colorful and harmonic caricatures for full orchestra tightly woven into an unspecified story of zany antics, vengeful villains and blues-inflected gestures with a splashy Hollywood finale that encapsulate their plot into illuminating and cunning sketches with vivid orchestrations of wit, humor, beauty and vitality. For cartoon enthusiasts who wait for the augmented chords and Xylophone grace notes, these strangely familiar old Warner Brothers-styled idiomatic exchanges between disparate instrumental groups offer deliciously lean musicality that children and adults will love. 

It is a highly original and imaginative score that is sometimes tuneful, sometimes powerfully haunting, sometimes broadly comic, and full of a rich, lively energy. Delightfully light, witty but thoughtful in its craftiness, this is a work that can be heard with pleasure, with unpretentiousness. The score flows easily. Scenes of unschematic music are linked together by brief interludes and contributes to an aboundingly ironic rhythmic and savouring juxtapositioning of buoyant innocence and more mordant colors of strong, flexible sustained writing – music that consistently boasts grateful, characterful melodic writing. It is gifted with lyrical and dramatic sense. Captivating and hugely entertaining, it charms with themes representing the broadly-defined ‘hero’ and mallet instruments and piano add flair of feisty and catchy comedic effects.