24. Fireworks, 7.14

Fireworks (composed March 2012) is an explosively written powerhouse piano solo featuring a barrage of cascading notes that fly and sparkle across every inch of the keyboard in a torrent of fury and heavy-handed, dense, full-handed chordal patterns.  A contrasting B-section provides a lyrical and subdued introverted breath of space with trills, tremolos and occasional splashes of color around the keyboard before returning to the opening material of exploding arpeggios and bright bursts of sound before dying away in a wash of new color.  

This piece was one that took many days to complete and is considered to be a composition that started a turning point in defining a new stylistic voice in which a more maturely structure set of materials was assembled and refined.  The textures and fingerings were thoughtfully prepared and carefully balanced to allow for maximum clarity and attention to linearly motivated lines and alternating states rapid motion and shifts in timbre and contrasting moods.

for Piano Solo