24. Bali, 5.18

Bali (composed April 2014) is a fiercely skillful and imaginatively handled piece five-minute piece scored for Flute and Piano. The virtuosic scoring is overlapping as voices lap over the other; coincidences on crossing points lends color and emphasis to the moments of unison and contrast; the texture is active but not overly dense.

Skyrocketing, fleeting ripples of arpeggiations and scalular runs draw out the threads of melodic gestures in the Flute, but the Piano is never far behind, creating moods and motions that change freely, as if in a set of improvisations spun from that basic idea. The timing of the work feels appropriately rounded, welcomed and not outstayed. The music pulls forward in an organic way, generating its own energies as the stark harmonies are exotic and tropical in feel, hence the title.