23. A Single Air Rifle Shot, 8.14

A Single Air Rifle Shot (composed December 2012) is the first post-minimalist piano solo of a mature cohesive nature that is both original and solidly written and exhibits a new coherent personal style. It is a minimalist work based on a repetitive cell structure. The intent to move away from the conventional techniques of modern contemporary, dissonant and permuting pitch class sets is palatable.

Oscillating left and right hand punctuating chords in a predominantly bright Ab major chord, cycles through half a dozen key centers throughout the roughly eight minute piece.  In this way, the piece shifts following a fluctuating circle of parallel chromatic mediants from one half in the exchange between left and right hand broken chords and then to a B-section of triplet pattern undulating motivic rhythms before returning to the opening material of rapidly repeating chords in new key areas.  

for Piano Solo