22. Tok – 12 mov’ts, 19.01

Tök (12 movements) (composed April 2013) is a twelve separate movement piano reduction originally written for Ballet and Orchestra. Its music is traditionally tonal yet has moments of largely dissonant, contrapuntal turbulence. It has the enhanced ability to make the listener feel emotion and is inherently emotionally charged. Broadly speaking, it is highly stylized and effectively reflects a fundamental darkening of tone as the characteristics of the music become more jagged and disjointed.  

It use confident music that hovers in polytonality and Stravinskian-inflected atonality, that offers dramatic lyricism and melodic and rhythmic interest in a variety of ensemble and full orchestra moments. It swiftly moves from fluid and flexible reflective complexities that fall easily upon the ear to more minimalistic undercurrents that become multi-layered and draw strong feeling from characterizations. It is rich with orchestration and exquisite language that reflect a development in the late-20th century harmonic style with a typical polish and flair that has an instinct for intuitive dissonance and striking counterpoint. 

for Piano Solo