22. Medusa, 12.52

Medusa (composed March 2014) is an orchestral thrill-ride from the start. The music ricochets between daunting dissonance and yearning tonalities packed with an upbeat pulse that employ instrumental acrobatics that demand full attention – requiring the orchestra to be pushed to extremes by the intricate, lush orchestration. It is a meaningful piece, infused with moments of depth and luxurious harmonic control. It creates a sound world purely imaginative and could be mistaken for no other. Stretching with complex dissonances amid high-flying flourishes, it is a fine, dramatically possessed score designed with a high level of entertainment enhanced with the ability to be specifically macabre and make the listener feel emotion. 

It is a driving, tense score of bitingly dissonant and relentless vitality that is marvelously dramatic. It features many moments of soloistic lyricism and twisted melodic beauty, colorful orchestration and throbbing rhythmic interest. It includes full orchestral tutti sections that include a great variety of burning emotionally charged music that is unpretentious in its raw, gritty form. 

It is enmeshed in multilayered, rich complexities that fall easily upon the ear – a most characterized music, articulate in its handling of near madness and ever-increasingly developing its economic materials in jagged fragments and smartly orchestrated passages, crafted with polish and suspenseful, luridly dazzling mise-en-scene. It uses recurring strains of a suggestive wild, desperate nature. Insistent in its high energy run amok, capable of lusty hatred and dissonant, dark moods, it offers striking counterpoint to its unschematic compelling score.

It is a frightening portrait of Medusa herself. Its realism is as salacious, disturbing and brightly colored as the haunting intensity of its ardently passionate space that the work exists between in tonal and non-tonal worlds; a rousing entreaty to burst upon the stage in downright harrowing, palpable upheavals of monstrous sound. Disembodied melodic lines are scrupulously summoned with excruciating slowness and undulating inner-voiced, rhythmic undercurrents that are penetrating and harshly descriptive music. The music thunders and pulses magnificently before lapsing into paralysis.