20. Gashes – 3 mov’ts, 8.52

Gashes (composed March 2012) is an imaginatively moody work for solo Cello played in 3 separate movements. With its lurid atmosphere of abuse, rage and aggression, Gashes is a new piece of impressively large-scale extremes and dimension. The score builds tension with insinuating motifs, jagged rhythms and gripping climaxes.

It is cleanly arranged and consistently and coherently brooding, simmering clearly enough to create grand waves of sound in an unflinching, unblinking treatment of true, raw power. The title of the work suggests the tenor of the piece: a powerful visceral and highly energetic piece in which the Cello fully exploits its limits and the bow Cello is full of frenzied, hurried emotion, like lacerating gashes on human flesh.   

for Cello Solo