2. a diaphanous pale indigo, 2 movt’s, 5.18

“a diaphanous pale indigo” (2 movements) (composed August 2010) is an evocative duet for Acoustic Guitar and Alto Flute showcasing both instruments prominently in two separate movements. From birdlike twitters among the Alto Flute to lushly opulent harmonic strains from the supportive Guitar, the work moves through highly stylized characterizations of brief movements of surging energy and airy open-chord expanse. 

Handsome guitar lines convey a stage-worthy sensation of tension and release throughout the strongly influenced Japanese consciousness about the work, suggestive of aural illustrations of light, breezily painted hues of watercolors from the ancient East. The work unfolds like a musical drama with the Flute taking the center stage. The duet opens with clear lines from the Alto Flute as the Guitar emerges from abstract pickings to descending lines and harmonically complex melodic fragments, often containing sarcasm and soulfulness.