19. In The Season of the Wolf, 7.32

In the Season of the Wolf (composed April 2014) is a chamber piece for quartet. Its seven minutes speak a language fluidly, shifting from one expressive, melodic form to the next but particularly poetic in its soothing effect. Dissonance is a theatrical rather than musical tool, as moments of confrontation turn to biting harmonies though a distinctly emotional flavor is wrought in its exuberance and urban protean virility.

Captivating in its piquant instrumental color, harmonic lushness and eagerness to communicate, it is a confident and searingly contemplative score. Jagged edges and disjointed melodic fragments permeate much of the complex contrapuntal passagework, yet the expectancy and propulsion is never lost. It is idiomatically written for the harp, boasting streamlined, dramatic pacing and vivid orchestrations; it is an affecting, alternately grave and lyric chamber work, employing strong dissonances, tense moodiness and transparency in its beauty, artfully crafted.