18. Crayon Turns (2 pianos), 4.06

Crayon Turns (for 2 pianos) (composed September 2013) is a two-piano work in which the Secondo plays the ornamental flourishes and maintains the strict rhythmic momentum of the piece while the Primo plays the familiar ostinato “loop” that generates the motivic material that is later developed. Glistening with shimmering and sparkling high textures of highly pronounced partially scalar passages, additionally added nuances of low punctuations mixed with rapid arpeggiation and fleeting flourishes all coalesce to support the magical and childlike existence of this musical’s material.  

The Primo’s octave motors that generate much of this  piece’s musical material is developed in subtle harmonic inflections that are echoed throughout the piece, often directly in the same tonal centers as it is tossed around through expanding and contracting phrases. Much of the action of this work tends to occur toward the top of both keyboards, generating an enigmatic and lighter mood is created, much in the same way  as a kaleidoscopic series of beautiful notes and bright crayon colors can spiral and shift, creating images, patters and designs that are mesmerizing, haunting and ever shifting. 

for Piano Solo