17. Like Summer to a Dragonfly, 6 movt’s, 15.25

Like Summer to a Dragonfly (6 movements) (composed September 2013) is a chamber work that is highly picturesque and evocative. It elicits luscious lyricism and a wonderful palette of colorful, neo-Romantic handsome settings likely to be a serious addition to the repertory: the music effortlessly amplifies the emotional ambience of the movements and introduces genuine, fertile, unforced veins of inventions and the ability to hold one’s attention. 

The piece, in six movements, and lasting fifteen minutes, is thoroughly enjoyable — rich, exuberant, controlled. The flows forth — uninhabited, unconventional, accessible, yet not undisciplined. It lives along every instrumental line, and holds the attention. The brisk sections (inner movements) have a protean vigor, but where the pace is slower, a great deal is going on.

The ear is gripped by an evolving, non-repetitive fabric, moved forward by a steady energy source. It is a refreshing blend of contemporary and traditional compositional styles; it is bright, alive and written with the kind of transparency one expects to find in a Mozart quartet. Cinematic in its orientations, it is impressive, however, is its honesty. The music works because it relies on itself, not on extraneous devices or effects. 

The six movements (in order) are:
1. Dust Tracks on a Dirt Road
2. Fly Fishing
3. Raking Leaves
4. Family Prayers
5. Pecan Orchard
6. River’s Edge