15. Harbor Music, 6.18

Harbor Music (composed May 2012) is an evocative duet in glittering, rich and lyrical post-Romantic form. A compelling mix of alluring special effects through breezily long-limbed melodies and flourishes; the music is impactful. The elements of music, drama and staging unify the work to great emotional power blends soaring melodic lines with lush verismo textures, suave special effects and a wonderful palette of colorful, quiet exchanging inner voices that elicit longing and loneliness, full of wrenching desire.

Lavishly wrought, it is a work of considerable merit providing much engrossing spirited vigor stretching into maximum registeral and textural extremes that frightfully burst into distorted fragments of confrontation. It flirts with traditional tonality and skillfully spins a tight array of notes carefully and paces light touches of serious, substantial statements into penetrating and echoing stark moments of rare effortless emotional ambience that offer handsome contrasts to great theatrical effect. 

The New York Times states:

Nathan Kelly’s “Harbor Music” was tactile and rich with melody.
Mr. Kelly provided enough athleticism and dialogue to make this an appealing showpiece.