14. Introduction and Capriccio, 4.16

Introduction and Capriccio (comp. October 2011) is a two movement piano solo work featuring two contrasting moods.  Like two whimsical musical vignettes, although dissonant, they are also a pleasant, effervescent and bright — if not also showing a joyous side — of an overall impressionistic style, not unlike that of Debussy.  

Introduction is a brief dance-like movement that starts out with a commanding scale-based section that recurring descends in its form.  This passes into a stern yet playful interplay between the two hands before it abruptly comes to an end after a series of quickly falling and rising flourishes and moving dense, two-handed chordal bell-like patterns that suspend time and motion.  This movement lasts around about two minutes.   

Capriccio is a quick study of a composition played detache or staccato for the chordal passages and leggiero for the brighter, scalar passages.  Noticeably heavier and fuller, it is much more solidly structured and thick than its predecessors. The entire temperament of the piece suggests a spirited affability, but as its title suggest, this movement is more active and forceful.  The piece winds to a close after a lengthy two-handed twisting and turning of lines that are almost-exclusively in upwards or downwards appoggiatura-like scale fragments interspersed with punctuated dissonances. The piece lasts about two minutes in duration.  

for Piano Solo