13. The Temptress Wine, 3.28

The Temptress Wine (composed October 2007) is a melodic piano solo, cinematic in its orientation and luminous and lyrical in its shifting expressive, melodic phrases. Rooted in B minor, this fluidly shifting work is a written in a passionate, emphatic style that is emotive in its troubled lyricism and reflective in its contemplative mood.

The central focus of the piece lies in its tendency toward quietly relentless forward momentum. Pulse is maintained by steady note values in the chromatically-unfurling piano part that urge toward an ever-expansive topography of extreme dynamicism and intimations of thoughtfully prepared and carefully balanced, clear, serious and deeply emotional appealing principle themes and motives, yet with enough syncopation and texture in complexity to sustain a high level of rhythmical excitement and interest.    

for Piano Solo