13. Ashes and Entrances, 6.28

Ashes and Entrances (composed December 2014) is an orchestral work continues in its transparency and marvelously lyric with melodic beauty and colorful orchestration. 

The palette of formal devices in this piece are similar to a large-scale orchestral interlude that weaves a variety of ensemble and solo writing with many moments of high dramatic attention. It uses a stark, fertile material in hushed, veiled tones that, in its most intense moments, touch the burning emotional plane of seldom heard contemporary scoring in swiftly moving and cleaning crafted fluid and flexible music that reflect an ever-growing rhythmic undercurrent.

The orchestra throbs in steady, continuously moving shifts that are subtly deceptive and include a most expressive music, swelling with an articulateness that is strong in feeling and reaching an area of near madness. It is a compelling mix of soft, delicate beauty and washed tonalities that blend and build into spiritual intensity in this piece vague in its title’s suggestive overtones on death and rebirth.