12. Piano Sonata No. 2, (3 mov’ts), 18.48

Piano Sonata No. 2 (3 movements) (comp. September 2013) is a large-scale piano sonata work for the solo instrument.  Cascading torrents of heavy-handed, dense chords form the basis of this passionately visceral, lawless work.   These pieces use dissonant harmonies and complex linear lines that are both highly original in their tonalities and rhythms.  The prominent nature of the breaking of the thematic material that is continually tattered, scattered and expanded fatter, make this cohesive whole an emotionally dramatic powerhouse work full of strength and fervor.  Because of the almost-uniformly bombast licentious style of the piece, performers must exercise a strong technical skill and a strong willingness to work on the relatively difficult technical demands required of this vigorous and lengthy three movement composition. 

for Piano Solo