12. Night Sea Nocturnes, 3 mov’ts, 5.42

Night Sea Nocturnes (3 movements) (composed May 2013) is a chamber piece for small orchestra that shows a marked softening in manner that is further away from the tough angular expressionism of earlier scores and drifts into a more tonal idiom that is atmospheric, hushed, veiled and almost elegiac. With an elegance and sophistication, this piece’s hard edges are rounded as a captivating piquant instrumental color, harmonic lushness and eagerness to communicate shines through with confident and emotional appeal. 

This tonal, accessible idiom manages to sound familiar and new at the same time. Each movement, with its precise musical characterization, fitting neatly into the next, building character and drama through varied styles. Full in its orchestral richness, the melodic and full of rhythmic diversity ebb upon the listener in subtle, rippling waves of jagged lines and chorale like hymns of clarity and poetic verismo; streamlined, dramatic pacing, vivid orchestration all are rightfully portrayed in sensational passagework that make these Nocturnes an affecting, alternately grave and lyrical transparent tone poem.