12. Hot Red Naked Runnings, 3 movt’s, 11.11

Hot Red Naked Runnings (3 movements) (composed November 2013) is an orchestral work that is divided in its three movements. Largely dissonant, contrapuntally turbulent, its design is not rigid. It is lyrical in its tumultuous episodic stylings and effective in its reflectiveness. Its darkened tone is a broadly wrenching and assiduously staged piece that highlights the solo Soprano vocalist to brilliant effect, both musically and scenically. Its passionate long-limbed melodic lines require proficient singing in a variety of registers and is dramatically extraordinary – full of moods and character that are revealing in its showcasing and few brief moments of cadenza-like muscle than in the large body of the work that encompasses complex textures and brilliant orchestrations that support the vocalist.

It develops significantly in contrasting moods and offers a great sweep of high, elegant writing, in varied guises, that allow soaring vocals to be heard plainly as audible leitmotifs are confidently set over a flurry of busy, fluidly moving sea of tonality and atonality, clearly conveying emotion and emotional charge. It is a driving score that isn’t tonally conservative. From the start, the orchestra is especially busy, tinged with dark foreboding and depthful psychological unravelings that build tension in edgy, dissonant and relentless gloom with Gothic vitality, still with comfortable writing for the voice.