11. Music for Young People (Suite) – 9 mov’ts, 18.47

Music for Young People (Suite) – (Nine movements) (comp. Oct. – Nov. 2011) is a piano solo suite of nine movements for the advancing intermediate pianist.  This collection features heavily chromatic and moderately dissonant twentieth century tonality miniature character sets.  Each movement ranges from one to three minutes in length and are all stylistically and dynamically diverse.  The varying degree of aggressive and lyrical nature of these pieces range in their complexity of finger dexterity, harmonical activity, contrapuntal density and metrical changes, but a prevailing atmosphere of satisfying and compelling richness of musical ideas balanced with substantial musical progressions underpinned with a solid structure, make this a series a worthwhile endeavor for the young musician seeking a more diverse introduction to more advanced forms of contemporary classical music.

The nine movements of this Suite (in order) are:

1. Deliberately
2. Dreamily
3. Agitato
4. Andante con passionata
5. Marche
6. Allegro con dolore
7. Pomposo
8. Molto allegro 
9. Prestissimo fantastico

for Piano Solo