11. Kingdom of the Sun, 11.13

Kingdom of the Sun (composed February 2012) is an orchestral work that is complex with dissonances and high-flying acrobatics that cascade and spiral in purely musical vivaciousness. Thundering, pulsing rhythms and jagged, Brassy punctuations are redolent of ancient worlds that paint picturesque and unspecified storylines against which rich exotic harmonies are freely employed. Potent disjointed melodic fragments, glittering flourishes and full of bursting powerful energy, it creates a raw, unflinching thrill-ride full of worlds of drama whose impact is ambitious and obsessively serioso in its substantiveness: skillfully crafted music that ricochets between daunting dissonance and yearning tonality and chugging propulsions.

The orchestration is penetrating – eliciting lush lyricisms and sensuality across a bed of colorfully evocative, amplified bustling that provide momentum, thrust and emotionally charged turbulence that broadly define darkened characterizations of the lives of characters in a primal ambience and mystical setting. It is a piece wrought with searing special effects and gripping and imaginative dramatic climaxes – a powerhouse piece.