10. Five Christmas Eve Ayres for Brass Sextet, 5 mov’ts, 8.19

Five Christmas Eve Ayres for Brass Sextet (5 movements) (composed October 2013) is a chamber piece for Brass Sextet in 5 separate movements of modest scale and manageable ambition. It deals with original thematic materials gratefully written for its instruments over serious-inflected tones of modal, brilliant stylized characteristics, neither overreaching nor understating its agenda. An admirable sense of Old English affability results in affecting simplicity.

The five Ayres has a true ear for lyrical run-on musical sentences, in its entertaining musical contours and asymmetrical shapes that ride gracefully and take interesting directions. The language is tonal, and it’s diverse movements has a particularly distinctive dialect rooted in cinematic orientations that possess a soothing, seasonal, cheerful effect.