1. Calico, 7.08

Calico (composed April 2012) is an orchestral work that is concerned with extremes of dynamics and register. It indulges in surprising intimations of lyricism and wit, often played with conviction in an enjoyable and thoroughly contemporary manner — rich, exuberant, schematic. The music is uninhibited, unconventional and accessible, yet not undisciplined. Jagged edges and run-on phrases contribute to the fluidity of the music that flows forth along every instrumental line, holding the attention and proving beguiling in its opulent, colorful textures.  

It is a bold work, ardent and skillful in its rippling, inner movement. Lasting nearly 8-minutes, it has brisk sections of a protean vigor, even where the pace is slower, there is a great deal of momentum and propulsion that pushes the piece forward. The ear is gripped by an evolving, non-repetitive fabric, that is sorrowful, evocative and unexpectedly ineffable.